Friday, April 10, 2009

Writer's Workshop

The Prompt: 2.) What is your role in the household?

My 'role' seems to be (as most moms) the do-everything-or-it-won't-get-done-and-be-happy-about-it type of role. I'm 'expected' to do it ALL since my hubby works. Well I think differently.
My hubby thinks that since he works I should do everything. He doesn't think being a SAHM is really 'work'. Except that he wouldn't do it and he gets frustrated when he has to do more than one 'mommy duties'!

Ok so I ABSOLUTELY HATE to clean! Mainly the dishes! But cleaning none the less. And my hubby is a complete slob. So as it would seem, my house is always a mess. My hubby thinks he does so much, but doesn't. He claims he does most of the cleaning. Yeah. Right. This causes so many arguments!

I don't think it wouldn't be so bad to just have to pick up and do some laundry and dishes, but no he always seems to do the tornado effect. ie: twirling through the house until all the dishes and clean clothes are dirty, everything that was put away now scattered on the floor or table and OF COURSE peed on the toilet seat!

The really bad days happen when I'm in class and he's off and watching our 2 1/2 year old. OMG! WTF! That's pretty much what I say when I come home. Even though I'm only gone for about 4 hours and they slept more than half that time, but had just enough time to turn a semi-clean house into a Hurricane Katrina Disaster! I do not understand how this can happen. If it was just me and my son, we could go days, maybe a week without even half that much of a disaster. I just don't know!

So I complain a lot and still nothing is achieved. I know I should get on the ball with the 'super-mommy' thing but I'm a procrastinator and get major cases of the F#@k its! I need a MAJOR kick in the butt!! And maybe a spell to put on my hubby! Or a magical self-cleaning house!
So yeah as any mom, I'm a do-it-all-er! Yay! Well not really. =]

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  1. I feel the same way about cleaning and get the 'f*ck it's" a lot!