Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is it Blogging?

So I don't really know if my first 'blog', was that exactly. I don't know if I am 'blogging' right! Unsure if there's a right or wrong way. If so then I may be doing it correctly. But you never know any more.

So Is It Blogging? This is the question, although not my only question, to myself and to anyone who is bored enough to read my lame excuse of a blog.

So can you blog correctly? Am I doing it right?

I guess since I'm not exactly sure what a blog in tells, then I'm just throwing darts in the dark. Trying to hit the bullseye.
So have I hit it or at least came close? Do I need to aim better or just start over? How many darts do I get till I run out or give up? Is the writing worth it? Is this something I'm good at or suck super bad?

So am I blogging? Dunno.
Is what I'm doing blogging? I guess.

Maybe one day I'll figure it out. Until then I'm throwing darts in the dark, going for that bullseye. Hopefully I'll hit it.

College Crazyness

I've been wanting to go to college for... well ever! So now I've actually put my butt in motion and got on the college ball. Since I'm a mommy to a toddler, it's not the easiest thing to do. But I decided to do it. So I went to Everest, to see what's going on and what I should do and start etc. So they gave me some info on what I need to do.

Then I started thinking.... Why don't I go to Community College?? It's accredited more and is just wayy better. So I filled out an application and got accepted. Score! Yeah not so easy though. See Everest does just about EVERYTHING for you.
Community not so much. Well I filled out the financial aid info and got approved. Well Community is to busy with registrations that they can't find time to look at my financial aid application. So they want me to pay out of pocket and up front for all my classes and books for the whole term. Which all start January 7th.

So it just sucks. I can't just put all the money up front for the term. I'm not working at the moment and I have bills and have to move by January 17th. And still haven't found a new place yet!

So I really, REALLY want to go to
Community, but can't! So should I just settle and go to Everest? Just go somewhere and get my Associates Degree, then go to where I want to go?

It's not cheap, so should I wait and go to Community in the Fall or go to Everest now. Everyone says you shouldn't settle, but my mom tells me I need to just go and get started. Go to Everest. Since they are more willing and open to help me with anything and get the job done without out of pocket expenses.