Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lil Happy Me!

I'm super Happy that I got a new backround and it's soooo cute!!

It's something new to my blog. Blogging was kinda bumming me out cuz I dunno what I'm doing!

So maybe another day I'll figure out something else new and be giddy about blogging, alot MORE!!
Now I wanna learn how to make my blog cuter! And add Pictures into my blogging paragraphs!

But I'm tired and I got stuff to do 2moro! Goodnight!

♥ j e n n a

Monday, January 5, 2009

College Nervousness

So Now I'm on my way to the college thing. I'm excited and scared and very nervous! I mean jeezz it's been like ten, eleven years since I was in a 'school' type of environment. Since I was home schooled after 7th grade. It may seem not that bad till you think, I'm only 23! Ya so I haven't been in school, school since I was like 12/13. That's like FOREVER ago!
So my nerves are doing summer saults and my stomach is queasy. I haven't even had class yet! I start next Monday. I'm hoping I like it and I don't make a fool out of myself. Crossing my fingers!!
I'm always nervous for jus about everything. This especially. I go to orientation Thursday. Why am I so nervous? I’m nervous just thinking about it! This is crazy. I'm gonna go crazy. Now this is too funny. Haha. I am nervous though!
Well finally college here I come, nervous or not!