Sunday, February 1, 2009

Changing my Life

I really, really want to change some things about my life. Like how I live it and just some other little things. Easy things I'm sure, but actully doing them is another problem. I procratenate, alot!

Ok, I'm not racist but I used to not want my son to watch Dora or Diego, only because they were pretty much the only thing for his age and why could they make shows with more than one race? I don't have a problem with the different races, but Why couldn't they mix it up alittle? On Dora and Diego there's only the one race fo everything in the show.
But now, and have been for a while, don't mind him watching it. One thing is HE likes it and even though I didn't like things about it, I'm okay with it now.

The change of heart is kinda like me just letting go of the small things that were bothering me. Yeah I still think they should add different races into the show, but that's not stopping me from letting him watch it. He enjoys it, then that's enough for me.

There is somethings that bug me about Dora though. Like on one of the episodes we have on dvd, Dora is using scissors and ask them to cut also. O and boys can watch Dora too! So why can't Dora be in boys stuff / colors too?? My son wanted a Dora toothbrush, but all they had was bright pink ones. Well my hubby and myself too, didn't think he needed a bright pink toothbrush. So he go a Yellow Elmo one. There's colors that go with both boys and girls!

So yes I want a BETTER me and I am trying to achieve this. Even though I'm not sure what I should and shouldn't change. But I want to change, so I shall. Hopefully!!

Ideas for Changing:
My views. On people. Politics. Everything.
Doing more. With life. My son. My hubby.
Having a better outlook on things. Kinda same as views but a little different.
Me. Lose some weight. Change my look?

This list is a work in progress. So I hope I will continue to fix it and me!!
♥j e n n a

Mommy Playgroup

I joined this Mommy Playgroup for my son and myself to find new friends and have some social interaction. Which we despritley need!!

I joined like the Mother of all Mommy groups! They have 70+ Mommies! Holy Moly!! They have 'events' EVERY fringin' day!

So Of Course, I was and am completely nervous. Nervous of the regular nervous things like, 'am i going to fit in' 'are they going to like me' 'how am i going to talk to these people'.... Also like crazy / weird nervous. Can't explain, but it's odd.

I have this odd thing to be liked. And I try but, you know, it doesn't always go as planned. But I dunno! I liked going to coffee with them and going to the park. But my Son didn't really play with anybody at the park. I played with him so he wouldn't be lonely.

Oh and I thought my son was a monster and all rotten and stuff... Yeah right! At least my son has some manners! I've got him to wait his turn, at least for a few seconds and not scream and cry when someone else is on the swing / park things.

I couldn't believe it though! People always saying about manners and such and their kids are manner less! My Son couldn't play on this weird animal shaped thing attached to a huge spring thing, because this kid kept running over and jumping on every time my Son tried to climb on. Then one time my Son made it before him and the kid screamed bloody murder. Too bad his mom wasn't listening.

So anyway, I think this Mommy Playgroup will do us some good and hopefully (crossing my fingers!!) gain us some new friends!! And new things to do and places to go!

♥j e n n a